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   Dianne Bylo - 5 of 5 stars   USA, FLA
     Give me fantasy, add some dragons, maybe a few other magical beings, kick in fabulous writing and I’m hooked! Mark Boyd’s The Prophecy is a completely enthralling trip into a world where dragons live, love and fly and I was there with them! (Okay, I pretended I was an ocean blue dragon doing aerial acrobatics, I was that drawn in. And, yes, I was awesome.)

     In ancient times a prophecy stated that a great king would rise, one born of dragon, human and elven blood and he would bring about great change. This is a story of love, family and loyalty, as well as how this king came to be. Two hearts, one forbidden love and the gift of dragon blood for a dying prince and our tale begins.

     Young Prince Leto is unaware of his true heritage, of the dragon blood that flows through his veins, but the time has come for him to know, there is darkness and danger lurking in the shadows, evil is coming to stop the prophecy from being fulfilled. He learns of his father’s brush with death and the healer who saved him while being welcomed into a world unlike anything he has known, where dragons are not the vile creatures he has been told to fear, but are warm and caring, intelligent and filled with their own special magic. Will he be ready for the true test of his power? Will he be able to bring the prophecy to its intended fulfillment? With the help of his new found family, loyal friends and the power of love and sacrifice, only the final battle will determine his fate.

     I wasn’t just pulled into this tale; I was cocooned within Mark Boyd’s magical world. From the vivid imagery he provides to the characters that leap off the pages, this is one tale that will leave you never wanting it to end. There is conflict, there is fear and doubt, but the overall atmosphere is one of love, excitement, discovery and trust, of believing in good over evil. There is magic in Mark Boyd’s pen that flows onto each page and weaves itself through every step of this incredible journey! Heroes will fall, but their deaths are honorable and it comes through loud and clear. Some things are worth dying for, including family, love and the future. Absolutely magnetic in its appeal, I highly, highly recommend entering into this world of fantasy from Mark Boyd.

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   Sherry Fundin - 5 of  5 stars    USA, FLA

     A fresh, original, and fabulous story about one of my favorite supernatural creatures, The Dragon. Go out for a fish dinner – dragonstyle.
How many fish does it take to fill a dragon? Always time for a little humor.

     We begin with action and I am hooked. The couples story captured my full attention as they struggled to understand the prophecy.
Prince Leandro…she saved him, and he is the only human who had developed such feelings of love for Faeries. They met and fell in love, but don’t get too comfortable.

     Mark Boyd a shapeshifting dragon love story to a new level and to write this as a man surprised me most of all. He creates an antagonist who is so filled with greed and the need for power that he will stoop to the lowest levels of humanity to get what he wants. He does add a layer to the story that I didn’t see coming and it smacks of magical science fiction.

     The character development and world building took me deep into the fantasy. Once I almost felt like I was flying with the majestic dragons, banking, diving, shooting up the face of the mountain for play and training. Think Avatar. Vampires, trolls, werehounds, sirens, shapeshifting dragon, healer. An awesome collection of supernaturals. Magic visions, graphic and gruesome deaths.

     Bliss and sorrow. Good and evil. Even though it starts out with a storyline that is predictable, Mark Boyd adds plenty of fresh, original twists that kept me enthralled as I wondered what will come next. Give me more, please.

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     The Prophecy, a foretelling of a great king born of human-elven-dragon blood uniting all the races in a millennium of peace, is an ancient story told to all dragon hatchlings from the Dragon Book of Lore.
     A foretelling born of ancient majic, through the centuries became another story to give the young hope. The old believed. The young could not perceive how it would ever manifest; who would ever want to be other than pure blood dragon?
     The Prophecy existed in story only, until Anaterri Strayarth, a blue dragon living in human form and the daughter of Stragor Strayarth - Head of the High Council of Dragons, saves the life of Prince Leandro Sargovia with a transfusion of her dragon blood. The unification of human-dragon blood sets in motion the beginning of the once dormant tale and a love that transcends time.
     Grand Magi Aloysius Alamaris, a black dragon hiding in human form, learns of the initiation of the Prophecy and plots the ultimate destruction of all who seek to bring it to fruition.
     Anaterri and Leandro are now pitted against the ultimate evil, fighting not only for their own lives but also the lives of their children. They must insure the prophecy is allowed to all cost.
   Ariel Mathis - 5 of 5 stars    USA, TX

      I enjoyed this dragon tale. One thing that I absolutely have to have while reading anything is an author who can tell you a great story without losing interest. Boyd nailed it.

     His visuals, his details, his story was awesome. I love fantasy. I loved how captivated I was by this dragon tale that I felt right at home in my mind. I just kept reading until the very end like NO, I WANT MORE!! Even a week after I've read this tale I'm still thinking about it. That's what reading is all about. Finding something good & never wanting it to end.

     The story itself is pretty cool. A prophecy is foretold and becoming reality. Classic Good vs Evil. Loaded with action. Things moved quite quickly which I love because it got you where you're going. The finale. What a finale it is!! It was well written and I really loved it. I really want to know what lays ahead for this series.
   Patricia Walker - 5 of 5 Stars   United Kingdom

     I'm a sucker for fantasy books - more so where there are dragons and wizards involved! This book packs an amazing punch in both of those categories.

     The level of detail surrounding the characters and the terrain in which the story is set is incredible and seriously enhances the reader experience without bogging the reader down with unnecessary word play. Each character is delightfully described down to the finest detail, again without unnecessary information and in such a way that incorporates the whole 'from birth to present day' imagery which may not be strictly needed but does fit in with the story as a whole. Some of the details fascinated me just as much as the story did!

     The plot line remains steady throughout the twists and turns each page brings. This in itself keeps the reader hanging, desperately needing the next piece of the adventure to pull them to an inevitable conclusion - pieces of the tale are dropped throughout the story which appear random at first but cannot be ignored as they fall into their true place as we continue onward. The ending brings with it a whole new dawn and sets the scene for the sequel.

     This is one series to jump on the bandwagon with - it is seriously worth picking up and reading

   Linda Romer - 5 of 5 Stars   USA, NY

     A Dragon's Tale The Prophecy -  Book 1 by Mark Boyd.  A fantastic tale of dragons,magic and royalty!

     I loved  it from the first page to the last.  You will enjoy the journey of Anaterri and Prince Leandro.

     I was swept away into another world and time reading this wonderfully written novel. A Dragon's Tale will take you places you can only dream of.

     This is a tale of love, loyalty and acceptance. Many wonderful and evil characters to keep the story interesting. Looking forward to continuing with The Book of Genevieve book 2.

     I give A Dragon's Tale The Prophecy book 1 - 5 stars - for it's in depth tale of love and tragedy.

I would recommend this novel for the adult audience.

   Jolanta Daab - 4 of 5 Stars   Lodz, Poland

     Dragons! I don't think there is a book about them that I have read and didn't like. In 'The Prophecy' these creatures are different and that made it even more exciting. I enjoyed reading this book, it was very unique and I'd love to see what else there is in store for us.
   Jonel Boyko - 4 of 5 Stars   Ontario, Canada

     This story flows forward with grace, in a manner that lulls you into the story. Boyd’s smooth writing draws you into the novel and his exciting storyline keeps you there. This author develops the world for this series in a complete yet entertaining manner. As a reader you get to know about the world as a whole, what it looks like, who lives there, and what’s going on. All the while you’re traveling along an adventurous route with the characters that you can’t help but love. One thing I would have liked to see, however, was a bit of change in the formatting. This author changes perspective from scene to scene & character to character. An extra line break or some physical marker between those changes would have made it slightly easier to follow and I wouldn’t have felt jolted out of the story by the change.

     I was completely enthralled with Boyd’s interpretation of dragons. They were unique, yet stayed within the general confines of what a dragon ‘should be.’ I also loved the concept of ‘dragon space.’ It was quite unique and added an extra layer of depth to the story as a whole. The excerpts from ‘the prophecy’ itself really add to the fantasy aura of the story. I do have to say, however, that the rhyming made me giggle a little.

     This is an exciting new voice in the world of fantasy. I would recommend Boyd’s first novel to anyone who enjoys the genre and expect great things from him in the future.

Dee Gott - 5 of 5 Stars         USA, CA

     What did I like?
     Welcome the next Fantasy Magical Series! Magic, Dragons, Wizards, Vampires, mystery, romance, action, plots, prophecies and justice! I loved this book and have already downloaded the next book, so I can stay involved.

What will you like?

     Fly to another world and enjoy the fantasy action on a grand scale, with dragons, evil plots, and action that will wake you up in this wonderful land and take you on a magical journey of the Dragon King. Join the family in watching the prophecy come to life and then take the journey to defeat the evil that threatens to destroy the world of the Dragons and all those around them.
     The amazing action comes to life on the pages without lots of excess descriptions, but details that keep you involved and ready to hold your breath. I had to tell myself to breath several times. The story is so well developed and the characters grow and come to life on the pages as you watch the action. The evil drips off the pages and the fate of the dragon world hang in balance!
     But the emotions of the characters, the love that was expressed and the care for all around the center family was exceptional! This definitely should be made into a movie, it will be a hit with all of us fantasy lovers.
Denise Van Plew - 4 of 5 Stars      USA

     This is the first time in reading this author. The prophecy that is in this one is fascinating and original. The way this author takes you into this world you forget it is not real as you get deeper into it. The names of the characters though are a bit big but original too. He threads it all in here with love, evil and lots of drama that carries us through this. Lots of types of paranormal inhabit this also with it being very versatile. i can see this also going far with this one alone having a twist or two. 
Alex Lopez - The Reading Corner For All    5 of 5 stars       USA

“Love wipes out all sense of time; it destroys all memory of a beginning and all fear of an end.”

Such a powerful quote from “The Prophecy.”

When Prince Leandro is attacked by bandits, and mortally injured, Anaterri Strayarth (a dragon in human form) saves his life by transfusing some of her blood to him. However, Anaterri’s blood gives Leandro more than just life…she also passed on her dragon blood and inevitably causes the start of The Dragon King's prophecy.

This is a book about dragons, dynasties, and inescapable destiny!

There is nothing greater than finding new and original novels narrated by authors who have a clear vision of their imagination and, even more so, have the ability to share their world with readers through written form. In his first book of “A Dragon’s Tale” trilogy, Mark Boyd extends his hand of fantasy to adult readers.

All in all, I found “The Prophecy” to be a work that carries on the tradition of fantasy established by authors such as J.R.R Tolkien that belongs next to works of the modern age like “The Inheritance Cycle” by Christopher Paolini.

Now the question for the readers is: will you be a part of

The Prophecy